Teo Hoble
Teo Hoble
still learning

Teo Hoble

still learning


About Me

I've been an animation fan ever since I can remember. Disney, Don Bluth, Cartoon Network series and even some anime - you name it. Sadly though, I don't animate (for now, at least). I'm an Architecture student at "Ion Mincu" University in Bucharest, but I still carry on drawing / painting in either digital or traditional media, when I have the time. I do want to become a good visual artist, so hopefully this portfolio will grow in quality as time progresses.

Hope you enjoy what you see, but please do not use or redistribute my art without my consent. Also, I urge you to visit the dA gallery and the blog, for more (and newer) artwork, and to contact me faster than by e-mail.

Enjoy :)

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(I may take my time in answering, as I don't check this address quite as often as I should)
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